Working Your Personal Look: Brooklyn Style


In New York, it’s all about where you go and what you wear. The location and attire have to match or you will feel completely out of place. Let’s say you’re going to a rooftop party in Brooklyn. What do you wear?

Brooklyn is known for being cool, hip, and always up to date on the latest fashions. So you need to make sure your style reflects that as well. Let’s take a look at 4 different looks that would be perfect for a Brooklyn rooftop party this summer.

look 1

Skeleton Top from Annabelle ($175), Silk Short from Annabelle ($130), and Eva Crossbody Bag from Corrente ($275)

If you want to be a little edgy and daring try the Skeleton Top. It looks like a basic top but you will definitely have people taking a second look once they see the back. Paired with the Silk Short and Eva Crossbody Bag you will definitely feel trendy and fashion forward. Try a high bun for this look so you don’t cover up the distinctive back and maybe throw on a pair of heels if you really want to push the envelope.

look 2

Galapagos Georgette Maxi Skirt from Annabelle ($275), Nude Catshark Georgette Tank from Annbelle ($119), White Vest from Some Odd Rubies($105), and Silver Heavenly Feather Bib from Will of God (445)

Maybe you want a softer look but something that’s still chic, if so, then try the Galapagos Georgette Maxi Skirt and  Nude Catshark Georgette Tank. The movement of the dress looks beautiful with every step. Make sure to add some fun accessories to make the look your own. A couple favorites are the White Vest to accentuate the bohemian vibe and the  Silver Heavenly Feather Bib to add some major flair. Don’t forget about the hair. Soft, flowing curls bring the whole look together.

look 3

Polka Dot Jumpsuit from Some Odd Rubies ($210), Linda Lovelace Necklace from Annabelle ($198), Astro Sunglasses from Julia James ($15), and Prism Oxford Shoe from Annabelle ($116)

Want a look that makes you unique? Throw on the Polka Dot Jumpsuit and Linda Lovelace Necklace. The two pieces are funky and the necklace definitely makes a statement. Don’t forget about the Prism Oxford Shoe for comfortable yet hip walking, and on these bright, summer days sunglasses are a must. Pick up the Astro Sunglasses for a one of a kind look.

look 4

Black Belted Dress from 10th Tribe ($140), Moto Jacket from Julia James ($96), and Gunmetal Cuff from Corrente ($200)

 When you want to look like you don’t care but secretly still do, try a very simple grudge look. Black on black on black is definitely where it’s at, to get the look just right. The simple Black Belted Dress is edgy, with a hint of sex appeal because of the slit, but when paired with the Moto Jacket you’ve upped this outfit’s potential. The Gunmetal Cuff adds a great finishing touch for the rocker in you.


No matter what look you choose you are sure to look great. Brooklyn is a great place to experiment with styles and fashion because no matter what you always can pull it off. Have fun and look great with these looks from Zaden Row. Check us out on Facebook and tweet your favorite finds on Twitter!

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