The Bold & The Beautiful…Lips?

Red has always been a bold and powerful color. The most prestigious celebrities have dared to wear this lip color. Gwen Stefani being one of my personal favorites, is always rocking red. Not only does it make a statement of what you are wearing, but it also makes you feel powerful…don’t you think ladies?

Here are some great trends and tips on how you can wear this (more than amazing) shade of the rainbow.

With this paint splatter wrap shirt, is a perfect wear for you brand new lip color. Red and black are made for each other. This black shirt features a v-neck and the wrap just hits home for a classic look. Rouge with black- It can change any look!

Polka dots are so darling and of course it’s black and white…classic..I know! This jumpsuit shows off 4 front buttons as well as a v-neck cut.  Also a touch of “hippiness” was added to this look by the wide leg bottoms.

Peplum skirts were a huge trend this season. This white & black peplum skirt would be a great pick to show off your red lushish lips.  All the boys will be swarming over your in this look, you know you would love it! ;)

If you are still a little weary of wearing this bold and beautiful color, here are 5 tips, from Daily Glow, that might ease you pretty little head!

Hope these looks and tips help you, so you can rock this lip color…we know you can! :)

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