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Ever wondered where you can shop a curated selection of the best Australian brands? Thank Damsel in Distress, a women’s boutique stocked with the best Aussie brands. Bec & Bridge and Shakahashi fans, rejoice! Zaden Row had the chance to interview the Damsel herself, Lisa Brooks, half owner and founder of the 2 year-old boutique, and her co-partner and sister, Lynn.

Get the scoop on Lisa’s journey as a boutique owner, her favorite hangout spots and restaurants and why being situated in Nolita, New York, fits her style perfectly.

Around the ZR office, we call Damsel in Distress, snuggled between Spring and Prince Street, Nolita’s “Hidden Gem” – by the end of this article, you will too.

Zaden Row: What prompted you to open your boutique and what has the process been like? So many of our readers want to open stores of their own, please give some insight regarding your personal journey as a boutique owner. What tips would you give our readers?

Lisa: The hardest part is the start up and initially getting things together because it is like a puzzle that you are trying to piece and then you figure it out. But once you get the ball rolling it all starts to just makes sense. Starting your own company has taught me a lot of patience – you NEED patience to get through it all.

ZR: Do you pick and buy the clothes yourself?

L: I actually have a partner, my sister, Lynn. We do all of the buying together and pretty much everything together.

ZR: If you could offer one piece of advice for those trying to start their own boutique in NYC, what would it be?

L: Follow your instincts because they never steer you wrong. Don’t ever get discouraged. Things are going to come a long way and yes, it may seem like a lot, but you’ll get through it.

ZR: Yes, we totally understand you! We launched about 3 months ago and its definitely tough. You’d think there would be a handbook!

L: You just have to do it and learn as you go. At the end of the day, if it’s something you really want and are really passionate about, you’ll stick through it. Everything is going to be hard work because everything takes hard work (regardless of what industry you are in). But, one day it’ll get easier and easier and you’ll be like oh my gosh I have gotten to this point where things have and are growing organically and just happening!

ZR: So on another note, how do you like your neighborhood?

L: I love it, it is really growing, particularly this street! It’s really neighborhoody! A lot of the girls who live in the neighborhood come through the store and we get great support from our neighbors too.

ZR: That’s awesome! Zaden Row is all about promoting local shopping – hence our slogan, “Shop Like A Local.” So tell us some of your favorite local hangouts! Restaurant preferences?

L: Well I love Ruby’s. Salads are amazing. I love Rubirosa they have really good pasta and pizza. Those are probably two of my favorites but there’s so many great places in the area.

ZR: Yum! Before we get off track and toward one of those salads, can you tell us about some of the brands you carry?

L: We only carry Australian brands. We’ve carried a brand called Shakahashi since we’ve opened the store; it’s one of my favorites. We also carry Zimmerman, Bec and Bridge and One Teaspoon.

ZR: We love Bec and Bridge!

L: Oh my gosh yes they are the best! Bec and Bridge has come up so quick, their price points are good and the quality is amazing.

And there you have it – thanks again to Lisa and her team for inviting us in with open arms and a friendly smile. Make sure to visit Damsel In Distress here and give them some love on Facebook too.




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