Q+A: Szeki

I was super excited to hang out with Szeki last week in her Lower East Side store. We picked out our top looks from her 7115 clothing line — minimalist and chic. Take a look!

Zaden Row: Tell us a little bit about the store and how you started.

Szeki: I started out as a street vendor making jewelry. I would bring out my antique table and sell on the weekends. It ended up doing really well, so four months later I opened my first store on Clinton Street. At the time, we were mainly focusing on jewelry. As for as the clothing line, my mom and I are really close and we’ve always wanted to open our own line. My parents have been in the manufacturing business forever. We just wanted to do it for fun and see where it would go.

ZR: Do you carry other brands or just your own brand, 7115?

S: We only carry our brand 7115 right now.  Our collections are pretty small, but now we’re growing. We went from only having two seasons, whereas now we have four seasons. Things are really picking up. Because there’s more things that we produce, the price point is more friendly.

ZR: What is the average price point?

S: Well the Summer and Winter seasons are really different. We have tops that are under $100, but we’ll stop around $178. In the winter, we carry coats, so these always tend to price higher. It’s really important to have products that are all year round.

ZR: Where do you get coffee or lunch? Tell us about the Lower East Side and your neighborhood.

S: I get my coffee at Tiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop. Sugar Sweet Sunshine will give my dog treats and have amazing cupcakes. For lunch I have to recommend Alias – love that joint! My neighbors are also amazing. Ashley at Honey in the Rough, has become one of my best friends. We always send each other customers, and besides a great neighbor, she’s become a really close friend.

ZR: You’ve been around for five years, any advice for future store owners?

S: Be flexible! You go into the business thinking one thing and you’ll see that everything changes. You have to be open to that and be flexible to changing your business model. You always have to be on your feet and open to new things.

ZR: How do you balance business and life?

S: I think the key is to learn to delegate and let go. It’s easy to become obsessed with your business and you really want to do it all. You have to prioritize and realize, hey, I can’t do it all. Be realistic with yourself, people are going to be late and make mistakes – it’s life. Just don’t freak out, and accept things as they come.

Say hi to Szeki in the Lower East Side!

157 Rivington St. between Suffolk and Clinton Streets

New York, NY 10002

Photography by Bing

Modelling by Amy




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