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We all know what you wear is important but how you accessorize should definitely be given some thought as well. Now we’re not just talking about jewelry and shoes. We’re talking about being fashionable and dressing the part all the way down to your fingernails. That’s right ladies, basic color polishes are a thing of the past. Nail art is a huge trend right now and it’s all about fun designs to make your nails POP! Nail art is sure to make a statement and spice up any outfit. Let’s take a look at some great Zaden Row dresses and the right nail art to pair with the look. You will have everyone saying you nailed it!




The Ladakh Breakfast at Tiffany’s Dress is very girly and sophisticated. The colorful striped nail art adds flare to the outfit while the tiny bows tie together this feminine look.


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Aryn K Button Trimmed Sundress from Julia James ($89.60)


Let’s just say you’ll be pretty in pink with the Aryn K Button Trimmed Sundress. Throw on some pink polish and glitter and you may want to start your own Plastics clique, but with a way sweeter attitude. (And yes we did just make a Mean Girl reference. So fetch, right?!?!)


Greylin Socialite Dress from Julia James ($126)


The Greylin Socialite Dress is perfect for a date night. The dress is feminine and sexy without giving away too much of the goods. A simple blue polish and glitter compliments this outfit without overdoing it.


Traffic People Ariel Dress from Julia James ($75.60)


When we think trendy the Traffic People Ariel Dress definitely comes to mind. This dress is sure to impress any fashion forward person that may pass you by. The matte polish with a shiny black french tip is sure to pull this look all together.


Spring and Clifton Gambler Dress from Annabelle ($237)


The Spring and Clifton Gambler Dress is for you risk takers out there. Think you can pull it off? Pair it with a funky print on your finger tips and strut your stuff.


Never let your nails be boring again. Nail art is a fun way to compliment your outfit, so try it out and tell us what you think. Don’t forget to have fun and look great with these looks from Zaden Row. Check us out on Facebook and tweet your favorite finds on Twitter!

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