Maxi-Mize Your Wardrobe

Ladies! It’s winter, and it’s not warm anymore. In fact, it’s going to stay freezing cold until the middle of March, so why not add some adventures and some nights out onto your busy schedule? I don’t know about you, but I hate pants—they never fit me right, and they’re hard to match with shoes, etc. I would rather wear skirts or dresses. However, when it’s 34 degrees with a 16-degree windchill, I prefer staying in my bed with a hot cup of tea and some awful TV shows on Hulu over having nothing to wear out or freezing my butt off in a skirt.


Recently, though, it looks like my dreams of being a social butterfly, and being warm while doing so, have come true. The maxi skirt is the best way to beat the freeze and stay comfortable while still looking your best. These aren’t the only perks …

The length of the maxi skirt elongates your body, making your legs look longer. The maxi can be worn at the hips or at the waist; when it’s worn at the waist, it accentuates the waistline and actually makes it look smaller. The maxi is super versatile—you can wear it during the daytime or at night, with a baggy sweater or a button down, with boots or heels. Take a look at how these fashion gurus wear their maxis:





















All of these celebs wear their maxis differently. You’ve got Whitney Port rocking the printed maxi and sweater for a daytime lounging look. Then, Kourtney Kardashian swoops in to match my two most recent posts (Last week’s Button Down piece and this week’s Maxi piece). Mary Kate Olsen pulls off the fitted maxi look with a simple white v-neck tee and a long necklace. And last but not least, and hardly unexpected, Rachel Bilson dresses up her maxi with contrast and a gorgeous black blazer, staying true to her classic style.

Of course, we’ve been nosying around in some of our favorite boutiques to find some of the perfect maxi skirts for you. We’ve found everything—printed, striped, sheer, wool, cotton. Take a look and decide for yourself what sort of maxi matches your style and lifestyle!

In God We Trust Adirondack Skirt

 Poppy Knightley Maxi Skirt


Blake Scotland Sophomore Belted Skirt, oatmeal

A.Cheng Sea Breeze Skirt

Blake Scotland Torn by Ronny Kobo Carla Siren Panel Skirt

Dear Fieldbinder Sophomore Belted Skirt

Otte Nutmeg Stripe Skirt

Clicking on the pictures will direct you to the boutiques’ online shopping websites. So go ahead and grab one of the super cute maxi’s above! Because I can guarantee you that, just like the button-down, this trend is here to stay.




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