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So, we have talked a lot about crazy styles that have rigid cuts and interesting adjustments to every piece. Sharp angles and risky lines are the best addition to anyone’s wardrobe, since they are of course the ultimate statement piece. If this type of edge is your thing, come take a look at DLUX.

DLUX, a boutique located on 21A North Dean Street in Englewood, New Jersey. Dorian Grace, DLUX’s owner, had been involved in the fashion industry for 11 years as a buyer and a seller and started DLUX in 2009. Grace and her partner believe that great experience comes from great customer service, and work hard to fulfill the needs of consumers and make sure that their shopping experience is worth the while.

The clothes picked for the store range from high end designers to up and coming designers. The clothes feature edgy and fun designs though there are a variety so a buyer can shop for her mood. The best part about DLUX is that they stay true to their word- they make the shopping experience more about fashion and excitement rather than frustration and  hopelessness (because we’ve all felt that at some point, we’ve gotta admit).

DLUX cLOTHINGDLUX offers a varitey of styles to pick and choose from. The more formal pieces are our favorites, since they represent the edgyness of the boutique most. Pictured above, the Kimberly Taylor Ruffle Vest is the coolest top. The zipper decoration adds something different, as well as the zipper going down the front. The gold tone of the zippers make the top a little more formal. We also LOVE that Porcelain Ombre One Shoulder Dress. The changing shades of colors and the layered fabric make it a perfect dress for a night out.

DLUX also has an array of more casual clothes. The Wildfox Oversized Fan Tee is just one example, but can make any day feel comfortable as well as rocker chic.

DLUX Jewelry

Jewelry is the great accessory offered at DLUX (who can ever have too much jewelry?). Much of the jewelry is gold tinted, which are our favorites. Gold is so elegant! The designs on the jewelry pieces are just as sharp and edgy. Take for example the Crux Haji Earrings shown above. The sharp edges of the triangles along with the three dimensional triangles inside, can spice up any outfit, whether its casual or dressy.

A couple feet down the road on 11 North Dean Street, Englewood, NJ is a restaurant called the Akai Lounge. A little on the fancy side, this restaurant is a great ending to luxurious day of shopping. The food is great Japanese Cusine , and offers a variety of noodles and fish. Don’t forget to try the sushi!

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(All photos taken from DLUX, Polyvore, and Yelp)





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