Summer Fashion: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Broke and dreading fall shopping? We know how that goes. Summer is coming to a close, and you’ve blown all your hard earned money on Electric Zoo, trips to the Hamptons and super cute bikinis. If you haven’t noticed, mornings are starting to get a little chillier, and there are days when you’ve literally had to leave your apartment with a jacket in hand. Fall is around the corner (can’t believe its already practically September), and you’re probably wondering how the hell you’re going to swap into a fashion-forward fall without overdrafting on your debit card. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. As long as you take our advice to heart, you’re guaranteed to make a flawless seasonal transition!

From left: Kut from the Kloth Leather Moto Jacket, Gold Heavenly Feather Bib Necklace, Super Giaguaro Black Sunglasses, Osborn Lambers Boots, Kut from the Kloth Bridgette Skinny Jean, Ginger & Liz Royal Flush Polish, Ladakh Lost In Translation Dress, Spun by Subtle Luxury Floral Dot Scarf.

We’ve come up with five of the best, easiest and cheapest ways to rock your summer wardrobe in the middle of fall. So easy that you’ll be thinking to yourself, “Wow, why didn’t I think of that”.

1. Lay on the Layers!

Unless you’re wearing a bright pink and green patterned top that screams July vaycay in Nantucket, you can absolutely pull off a summer top come September. Layer it under an asymmetrical sweater or tweed blazer for an autumn edge. You’ll be killing it with fall fashion, not to mention cozy!

We love this Kut From the Kloth Kimono jacket. Sure, it’s a summery print, but it could definitely serve as a layer on days when it’s 60 and breezy! Just make sure you pair it with basics- mixing patterns with this piece would throw people off.

This Bec & Bridge Pierre Striped Jumper is also perfect for fall.. it’s light enough to be worn solo, but you could also layer it over a colored collared shirt for a little bit of prep and edge (yes, the two can go together).

2. Shimmy into those Tights!

This one is tricky. Tights/stockings can go one of two ways: totally chic or just plain wrong. I’ve seen lots of people wear black sheer stockings with a horrific combination of black studded jorts and a ripped band tee. The result? Marilyn Manson on a good day… (if those even exist).

The right way to do stockings? Keep it simple. You’ve already got bottoms and shoes going on below the waist. Adding anything else is a bold move, but trendy when done right. So don’t pack away your mini-anything! Give it a longer lifespan with some stockings! The How: it’s  fashion common sense: if your pre-tights ensemble is making a statement, keep your legs on the DL. If you’re going to wear colored or patterned stockings, your outfit should probably be pretty basic.

The Gar-De Shark Tooth Tiger Silk Charmeuse Short above, as well as the Ladakh Lost in Translation Dress, would both look great with a pair of sheer black stockings. Because of both their unique patterns and choice of fabric, it’s best to stick to something simple.

3. Thrown on a jacket and head for the door.

We don’t mean put on a coat, because you’re obviously not going to walk around a party in your peacoat all night. If you’re like us, you have a super cute jacket for every day of the week, which means that you can rock all sorts of summer tops through the fall season. Try a “sideboob” tank (from last week) with a moto or military jacket! Or throw a jean jacket over that sleeveless dress! Fall-appropriate jackets will keep you warm no matter what the occasion, from walking the Highline with your main squeeze, to a family dinner at Balthazar, to shopping the streets of SoHo with your BFF.

A jean jacket is a must-have; absolutely a staple piece. And it pretty much goes with everything, except more denim (please, avoid the canadian jumpsuit). This Kut From the Kloth Denim Jacket is the perfect wash, and ready for just about any kind of weather. We recommend getting a size up so you can layer sweaters and hoodies underneath as well!

This Kut From the Kloth motorcycle jacket is just the kind of spice we’re looking for. Look how simple the model’s outfit is, and then notice how edgy it looks when she adds the leather!

4. Booty booty rockin’ everywhere!

photo cred: Lesley’s Closet

Boots are an easy fix in the first few weeks of fall. If there’s one part of your body that freezes the fastest, it’s your feet. Swap your sandals for a pair of boots, but keep the rest of your summer ensemble. Just covering your feet will make all the difference. Try some ankle boots with your maxi, or half-calf lace-ups with your shorts.

The above outfit is exactly what we have in mind when we say “just add boots”. This ensemble (Bec and Bridge Primrose Singlet mesh top & One Teaspoon Sailors Sanjos Denim Short) would look adorable with a pair of ankle of half-calf boots.

The Some Odd Rubies Pinstriped Dress above makes for a perfect fall day! Add tall or low boots for a completed seasonal look. Try a light or dark brown for casual; if you’re going for dressy, you might try black instead.

5. Snatch up a scarf (obsession).

Okay, so we’ve established that your feet get cold first. But an exposed chest is not conducive to warmth, either. Scarves are another fashionable quick fix to the goosebumps on your neck during the early stages of fall. Grab a scarf for your strapless dress. The longer, the better and more useful. You can drape it over your shoulders if you get really chilly. We recommend solid colors for a print and vice versa.

A printed scarf is the perfect accent to a basic outfit. Take this Spun by Subtle Luxury Floral Dot Scarf for example. Scarfs can be a great go-to for a boring outfit, or to buff things up when you’re having a grab and go sort of day.

So now that you’ve got the sleaze on how to rock a summer wardrobe in October and November, you have no excuse for a negative bank balance or a helpless appearance when walking the streets of NY. If you have any questions or comments, or maybe have your own spin on the summer to fall transition, please share in a comment below!




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