::ACCESSORIES FRIDAY:: Introducing Will of God

Is it me or is NYC completely desolate on Fridays? It seems like the entire city is beach posted or en route to somewhere that isn’t hot as H-E-double-hockey stix and smelling like perpetual garbage. *SIGH* The woes of a New Yorker without Summer Fridays!

To jolt everyone back to earth (and to put me in a better mood)– meet Will of God, our newest accessory retailer. We stumbled upon this amazing traveling boutique at a local NYC flea market and fell in LOVE with their unique designs, bright colors and cushy price point ($25-45 per piece).

Take a peek at some of our favorites after the jump!

Nina, Zaden Row founder and (fashion stylist extraordinaire), has been rocking this Flower Bloom necklace since May, and has enough compliments to warrant paparazzi level annoyances. This unique piece also comes in white and coral if turquoise doesn’t tickle your fancy! Pair it with a collared top buttoned all the way up or let the flowers do all the talking on a sexy bare neck.

Shark Tooth Button Up from Annabelle

Floral Bustier Top from Some Odd Rubies
























Trendy chix everywhere can’t get enough of neon lately. While I totally love the flashes of highlighter hues all over the city streets, pairing brightly colored pieces in fashionable modesty is key to looking on trend and not like a 1990s contestant from Nickelodeon’s Wild and Crazy Kids. These pink and orange neon drop earrings add a perfect amount of neon flash without going overboard. Pair with neutrals or pastels to let this accessory shine.

Sage Bemberg Dress from Some Odd Rubies

Lantern Silk Georgette Blouse from Annabelle

























I’m also obsessed with our line of Cascade Bib necklaces. They are super unique and are definitely an eye catching piece worn with with a classic, tailored look.


Resist Chambray Dress from Blake Scotland


Color Block Dress from Julia James





























Head over to the Will of God store at Zaden Row to check out the rest of the collection. If you like, be sure to pin it, tweet it, like it, whateva! We’d love to hear from you!




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