Shopping malls are so old school. There’s nothing worse than realizing half of your friends have the same scarf you bought at a big national retailer. Real fashion followers shop before the trends hit from unique boutiques and indie designers. That’s exactly what our Zaden Row Bloggers do. We share the latest trends, outfit ideas, and fashion advice all while providing you with the best clothes and accessories from the New York City area.

Zaden Row is a unique online platform of independent boutiques that express the local New York City fashion scene. Zaden Row hosts dozens of local NYC boutiques online, so you can shop like you just came back from a weekend in Manhattan.

Through an exclusive network of local shops – handpicked by our Founder & Stylist, Nina Zadeh, Zaden Row connects local boutiques with shoppers throughout the country. Nina visits the most fashion-forward neighborhoods, shops the best boutiques and brings cutting edge looks back to her clients. Zaden Row will give you access to the most unique fashion in New York and will let YOU Shop Like a Local.